Article - May 22, 2017

Celebrating 15 Years of Great Clients

2017 is a big year for our company. It marks our 15th year of evolving and supporting our client needs. The years have flown by, yet the success and relationships we’ve been fortunate enough to help build are timeless. In fact, our success is because businesses like yours trusted in our experience to adapt to the changing executive search landscape to deliver results in the form of great talent.

As you know, the past 15 years have seen unprecedented technology changes. When Polachi started in 2002, Apple had just introduced the iMac G4. Since then, we’ve all experienced the last flight of the Concorde, emergence of Web 2.0 and beyond, the launch of smartphones, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and countless others. And today, the next great technological advances appear to be AI (artificial intelligence) and self driving cars. What this proves to us is that human talent was and will always be the driving force of great companies and technological leaps.

As our clients have evolved, we’ve been fortunate to partner with them to handle a wide range of searches. We’re very proud to have worked with companies from startups to multinationals, public and private, domestic and international to find talented Presidents, CEOs, COOs, CTOs and so many more executive positions. There have been exits and acquisitions. We’re thankful and proud to have been there in support every step of the way.

For sure, it has been a wild ride this last decade and a half. Who could have foreseen how much the executive search landscape would change? With each year, our team evolves to meet the latest challenges as opportunities for improvement. Like our clients, the essence of our success is based on the elite team at Polachi – the best in our field of search.

There have been so many success stories that it is difficult to single out a few here. Instead we welcome you to click down memory lane. We hope you’ll be as inspired about your own company’s future as we are about ours. You’ll quickly see that your own talent and that of your team is your biggest company asset.

We’re ready for the next 15 years of supporting our clients’ success in acquiring the best talent available. Will your search with us be next? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, thank you to our past and present clients and to those whom we’ve yet to meet.

Thank you,

Peter & Charley Polachi

Founders, Polachi Access Executive Search