Article - July 12, 2017

Boston Tech in 2017 |Half-Year in Review

Tech IPO’s are Up, but not for Boston-Based Companies

The tech IPO market was up in the first half of 2017 in comparison to last year, with 12 technology companies going public. SnapChat has been the largest IPO in 2017 by far, dominating the headlines leading up to its March 2nd offering (and continuing to do so on a daily basis). Of the 12 (Snap, Presidio, MuleSoft, Alteryx, Tintri, ShotSpotter, Appian, SMART Global Holdings, Real Matters, Cloudera, Yext and Okta) only 1 is HQ’d in Boston – that honor goes to Presidio.

Boston saw two of its most promising and often-touted IPO candidates acquired in the first half of this year: Simplivity by HP and Veracode by CA Technologies.

Boston Startups are Raising Money, Lot’s of It

The city’s tech ecosystem is on fire and tech startups are finding no trouble in raising incredible amounts of capital:

  • January: $200M+
  • February: $260M+
  • March: $380M+
  • April: $160M+
  • May: $210M+
  • June: $390M+

Autonomous Vehicles are Embraced by the City

As mentioned in previous articles, Boston is poised to become a center for the technology that will power the coming Autonomous Vehicle revolution. In 2017, the state and city governments have so far done a great job in seeing Boston’s potential. Two autonomous vehicle companies, NuTonomy and Optimus Ride have continued to receive state and city approval to expand their testing efforts on the city’s roads. NuTonomy has also signed a partnership with Lyft to begin picking up riders within the city in the coming months.